HERB ZISCHKAU — Art Director, Concept Artist


Herb Zischkau always had a keen eye for detail. Ever drawing, designing, and imagining, he knew early on that artwork was what he enjoyed and that it would be his career. Thinking along those lines, he then poured more effort and attention into his hobby, making it his work. After four years at Savannah College of Art and Design studying Game Development and Concept Art, Herb built the skills and motivation necessary to excel in the industry doing what he loves most.

MARGARET COGSWELL — Producer, Narrative Designer


Margaret Cogswell wrote her first book, a compendium of various vegetables, when she was four. She has been writing since. Her belated discovery of her passion for games (brought on by the unlikely combination of NFS: Underground and God of War) was coupled with her love of words in college when she decided to pursue a career in Narrative Design. Her goal is to combine story and game play in a streamlined and meaningful way, so that narrative becomes an integral part of a player's experience. After all, who would Ico be without Yorda and the mad Queen?

ALEX FORSYTHE — Programmer, Design Lead


Alex Forsythe is a simple country rube who enjoys making things as efficient as possible. Having learned to code from equal parts experimentation, art school C++ classes, and Harvard video lectures, he applied his experience to UnrealScript in order to create projects which function, if nothing else.

Alex is currently devising a 12-part lecture series on the importance of consistent naming conventions.

HARALD HAGEN — Narrative Designer


Harald is a gentleman of two nationalities possessed by a strange obsession with words, specifically the way they behave in sentences, paragraphs, and most of all, narratives. He speaks three languages, loves dogs, and is peculiar enough to call the sounds of rainstorms, wind, and even silence as among his 'favorite music.' Television shows and books, when exceptional, captivate him to no end. But among the pathways to other worlds, games are his preferred avenue. To him, there is nothing like experiencing a story that amplifies the meaning of play, elevated by beguiling graphics and a spellbinding soundtrack.

Games! Forever!

BRYAN DI FATTA — Producer, World Designer


Finding his passion early in life, Bryan decided to make his love of art his career. He enrolled in Savannah College of Art and Design, believing that SCAD would best foster this passion while he became a professional artist. He received a B.F.A in Interactive Design and Game Development and a minor in Film and Television.

While at SCAD, Bryan pursued his passion for art, learning modeling, dynamic lighting, and texturing. Over time, he noticed that he enjoyed the management side of things. Now, his talents are truly split between producer/artist and artist/producer.

Outside of school, Bryan frequently enjoys playing Warhammer, painting miniatures, cooking, and is a gamer.

ANDY HERNANDEZ — World Designer, Modeler


Savannah College of Art and Design graduate with a degree in Interactive Design and Game Development. Does 3D modeling, texturing, set dressing and concept design among many other things. He prefers working with low poly modeling and stylized looks, but can adapt to most any style.

Mexican national, currently based in Huston, TX. Easy going, good looking, well versed in the ways of the internet and pop culture and he enjoys beers and tacos. He is a tattoo enthusiast and was part of both the F in Funny and Odd Lot Comedy improvisation groups in Savannah.

MATT WILLIAMS — Technical Artist, Effects Artist


After becoming interested in 3D art in high school, Matt decided to look into Game Design programs at various colleges. He chose to begin his college career at SCAD in 2007. Four years later, and after filling many different rolls in the Game Development program, he settled on being an FX Artist.

During his time at SCAD, he was an officer with newly formed Game Development Network club as well as filling a work study position at the Systems Office doing IT work.

His programs of choice are the Unreal Engine, Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe After Effects.

MONTE NICHOLS — Project Lead, Game Designer


Monte Nichols II is a game designer from Dallas, TX. He studied at the Savannah College of Art and Design so he could best utilize his passion for art, art history, design, mathematics, physics, and psychology. To make a game one must synthesize many interdisciplinary talents, which is great for Monte as he is a natural leader and always loves working with a dedicated team of unique individuals. As a hobby he is an avid dungeon master for as many DnD games as possible.

Monte has decided to continue his education and plans to get his Masters in Computer Science.

JOHN BERRYMAN — Environment Artist


John Berryman has a burning desire to play, create and study video games. He has always venerated the environments in modern day games. Creating worlds and bringing life into an area has always been an obsession of his. From realistic to fantasy, detailed to stylized, and background to foreground, he loves them all. John loves to play tennis, watch movies with friends, and loves listening to opera. Deafness has never been a problem for him. He has always managed to overcome his elemental resistance to sound and strives to become a strong role model for others. Nothing can stop a hardcore gamer.




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